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DIY meets BYOB

April, 2015

This past Sunday Appellation was transformed from wine store extraordinaire to a cutting edge kitchen chemistry lab. Led by Industry City Distillery’s co-founder, distiller, and engineer Dave Kyrejko, our lucky attendees were led through the finer points of bitters production. Lemons were tinctured, herbs were decocted, and all of our guests left with the knowledge that ‘Hey, I can do this... Read More

Technical Reserve Event

Craft Distilling 101

November, 2014

Finally, clarity! This past Sunday Appellation peered beyond the veil of marketing buzzwords and got to the heart of craft distilling. Our all-star panel of Kirby Kallas-Lewis, Allen Katz, Adam Schuman, led by spiritual medium Amy Zavatto, were equal parts entertaining and informative... Read More

Craft Distilling 101


German Wine Masterclass: The VDP

June, 2014

On a Sunday evening in June, while the USA was battling Portugal on a green field in Brazil, we were learning about the workings of German fields from their European brothers and sisters in our German Wines and VDP Masterclass.  We had the honour of welcoming three exceptional producers with over 850 years of history between them... Read More

German Wine: The VDP

An Exploration of Mezcal with Del Maguey’s Ron Cooper

May, 2014

This past Monday our store was visited by Michael Endelman, Steve Olson, Joaquín Simó, and Mezcal Holy-Man, Ron Cooper. Individually their powers are formidable, but together they were able to host one of our most ambitious events to date. While the topic was ‘Terroir in Mezcal’ the discussion ranged from soil types to traditional Mezcal hydrometers... Read More

Ron Cooper's Mezcal Class

Postmodern Winemaking with Clark Smith

April, 2014

What defines great wine? And where does it come from? The consensus is still out. What we do know is that last week we hosted some of the most interesting wine writers, suppliers, importers, oenophiles, fans, and accomplices in our back room - and those were just the guests. Discussion was lively, insightful, and (dare I say?) a little rambunctious. But our all-star panel... Read More

Clark Smith Event

The Heart of the Plate with Mollie Katzen

November, 2013

If there's one thing better than eating well, it's eating AND drinking well. This last week we had the honor of hosting Mollie Katzen as she promoted the launch of her newest book, The Heart of the Plate. Organic wine was tasted, vegetarian fare was enjoyed, and an indepth interview was conducted by Sara Moulton...  Read More


Mollie Katzen

Mash, Meat, and Merriment

November, 2013

Now this is an event that lived up to its name. There were mash and meat; and you better believe there was merriment. This last Friday we were graced with two New York visionaries: King’s County Distillery’s Colin Spoelman and Jake Dickson of Dickson’s Farmstand Meats.  The discussion was lively and varied, ranging from the finer points of sustainable farming and gastronomy... Read More

King's County & Dickson's Farmstand

A Night with Jay and The Juice

April, 2013

Much fun (Too much? Nah.) was had at Appellation last night. Jay McInerney read from his most recent wine book, The Juice: Vinous Veritas. Lora Zarubin, the former food editor at House & Garden, baked us up some of her homemade bread. Lucy’s Whey in the Chelsea Market graciously supplied cheese, and 192 Books supplied books to be autographed... Read More

Jay McInerney