Easy as Apple Pie


Thanksgiving falls so late this year, yet it seems to have caught many of us by surprise. How is it only a few days until we gather around the table with loved ones? When it comes to wine and spirits, remain calm. You can order online, over the phone or visit us in the shop; plus, we deliver throughout the city and Long Island. Shipping outside of the city is also available. We have countless options to pair with your meal, a few of which are listed below:


'NV Eve's Cidery Finger Lakes "Northern Spy" $13.99

We simply love this local cider from a clone of Northern Spy apples. It's dry, crisp and festive and can be enjoyed as an apéritif or throughout the meal.


'NV Bornard VDF (Jura) Pétillant Naturel Rosé "Tant-Mieux" $67.99 (sustainable, 1.5l)

A sparkling rosé from Poulsard, it's lighter in alcohol, has a touch of sweetness and will match with most of the dishes being served. Plus, the oversized bottles are beautiful and will satisfy a large party or a thirsty, smaller group.


'10 White Rock Napa Valley Chardonnay $27.99

This bottle of Chardonnay elegantly straddles the Old and New Worlds and will resolve any wine-related geopolitical issues. Delicious.


'11 La Maliosa Toscana Bianco Procanico blend $30.99 (biodynamic)

Orange is definitely the new black.  Only thirty-five cases of this orange wine were produced in 2011, and we bought five of them. We think it's one of the best expressions of an orange wine and will please both red and white wine drinkers alike.


'12 Hervé Souhaut VDF (St-Joseph) Gamay "La Souteronne" $59.99 (sustainable, 1.5l)

A magnum of Gamay from the Northern Rhône by a natural producer? Definitely!  Gamay is lovely any day of the year, but its fruit profile, lighter weight and acidity make it the perfect partner for a marathon meal like Thanksgiving.  Only 3,000 bottles were produced, and we were very lucky to have scooped up four cases of magnums.


'08 Bloomer Creek Finger Lakes Cabernet Franc blend "White Horse Red" $19.99

For those who want a little more body in their wine than a Gamay, this Cabernet Franc and Merlot blend is a wonderful response. Kim Engle and his wife Debra Bermingham eschew chemicals in the vineyard, hand-harvest their grapes and use ambient yeast for fermentation. Their wines are some of the best we've found in New York. 


Finger Lakes Distilling Bourbon "McKenzie" $41.99

Yes, we started with a Finger Lakes cider and now end with a Finger Lakes bourbon that's been finished in Chardonnay casks from a local winegrower. Red apple and cinnamon notes pair perfectly with family, friends and cold nights. It's the ultimate conclusion to a special meal.


Cheers to lively conversation and great food and drink this Thanksgiving! We also want to take this moment to thank all of our customers.  We wish all of you a safe and happy Thanksgiving.