A Night with Jay and The Juice

Much fun (Too much? Nah.) was had at Appellation last night. Jay McInerney read from his most recent wine book, The Juice: Vinous Veritas. Lora Zarubin, the former food editor at House & Garden, baked us up some of her homemade bread. Lucy’s Whey in the Chelsea Market graciously supplied cheese, and 192 Books supplied books to be autographed.

The night’s excited conversation ranged from nurturing yeast starters to puncturing cheese for the spread of its blue veins to anecdotes from Lora and Jay’s wine trips. More than fifty guests filled our shop’s event space that evening, and every one of them went home with their bellies full, their thirsts quenched, and memories and stories to share. We’d like to thank everyone involved for making our little wine and cheese tasting a big success, and hope everybody is as excited as we are for what the future holds!

Wide Shot

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Scott and the team at Appellation Wine & Spirits